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So I really hate having to write a first entry…it seems so, boring. Anyway. Today I am getting used to my new bangs, i like them but i really need a straightening iron, but those fuckers cost like $120 bucks…wow. I did however enjoy biking around Santa Barbara today, before I must endure cold weather and I was listening to a few good songs. On my recent trip to Europe I picked up a few records from the label Moxie…and I just have to say I’m hooked. Among them is Can’t Get it Anywhere, which to me seems like such a summer song, but I guess it keeps me toasty in the winter. Everything I’ve listened to off of Moxie sounds fantastic and refreshing. I think I was at my witts end having to listen to the same songs for a month during my travels, so that might explain my love of these new tracks. As well Imagination’s single Just an Illusion has gotten the re-edit treatment from Lindstrom. After watching the video from them I am very aware of this groups cheesey nature, but I’m just so in love with this sound.

Imagination-Just an Illusion(Lindstrom Vocal Remix)

Moxie-Can’t Get It Anywhere


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