The Harmony of Design

So, last night I decided to fully investigate baroque pop, or 60’s lounge pop…whatever it’s called. I had no interest in the stuff until I had accidentally downloaded the song Tomorrow’s World by Leslie Phillips in Santiago. I don’t think this is the Christian Leslie Phillips thank god, but there really isn’t much back info on this track so whatever. The harmonies in this track are beautiful, so I grew more fond of it when I was listening in Europe.  How quaint.  Then I’m searching for deep sea animals(don’t ask) and I come across this video:

Vampire Squid From Hell

The embeded vid is disabled, but the point is the music that’s accompanied by this creature.  Trip hop, yes, but I was reminded by how much I missed that weird spacey feeling when listening to that 60’s orchestra…even though they have nothing to do with each other.  After some more snooping I came across this song called bubbles, which I recognized instantly because they did a remix on this powerpuff CD I bought from target in high school…absolutely my favorite harmonies ever. The free design has become my new obsession.  And a little dabble in some french pop doesn’t hurt:


Tomorrow’s World-Leslie Phillips in Santiago 

Two Lone Swordsmen-The Big Clapper 

 The Free Design-Bubbles


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