Viva La Sickness…

So I´m blogging in Mexico…so no music today because i can´t navigate this interweb cafe´s deal. But I do have some fantabulous videos. First off is a video sent to me by my friend Ellie and it mirrors exactly what I wanted to make in film school:

The second video is a really weird animation about someone´s dream, but I´m posting it because it seems pretty close to some of my nightmares:

And of course my all time favorite Rev. Alecia:

I have been sick the whole entire time I´ve been in Mexico, and no, not for the reason you think. I actually got this little bug in the good old U.S.A. So thanks America…I love you


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  1. Who needs crack when you’ve got Yahweh! Rev. Alecia is v. cool.

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