Happy New Year…Let the Madness Start…

So…I havn’t been able to post any music because of my little trip to Mexico…but I have some great songs to post exclusivly for the start of 2008.  Later I’ll have a little homage to Mexico, with some mexican inspired songs (not latin music though) and some pics. This NYE wasn’t spectacular in the music department, but when the ball dropped for last year I knew exactly what song I wanted to hear. The video for this includes some exquisite disco fabulousness and Sylvester in his finest attire. The song itself is perfect for that ball drop chaoticness where your trying to grab all your friends at midnight and shout hell yeah! Well, that’s what I do anyway.

As well I wanted to include the latest song I can’t stop playing. It’s funny because when I first heard it I hated it…especially for the vocals, but then that is exactly what grew on me. It’s another Moxie edit from the talented Carl Craig. Pay close attention to the guitar riff and you’ll know why it is in the awesomeness hall of fame.  Happy 2008 peeps…

 Sylvester-You Make Me Feel

carl craig – melodica moxie re-edit


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