Birthday Post: Proving I Am The Ruby!

So it’s my bday…not that I am that excited about it. My ID expires today and it is a weekday, but oh well.  It does give me the chance to post some Ruby themed songs. It is now time for some hammy cake:

The first song is from the Kaiser Chiefs. Apparently they were big last year, but I really only heard about them until this song, which I would like to think is about me, not Charlotte  Church’s daughter:

Kaiser Chiefs-Ruby 

The next song I’d like to think is a shout out to my place of birth…so far I’m the only Ruby Soho…I like to tune out all the other words and just listen to the chorus…there, that’s better.

Rancid-Ruby Soho 

And where would a Ruby post be with out the Rolling Stones. This is most likely what the Kaiser Chiefs ripped off, but they are both nice songs. Oh, and did I mention I was born on a Tuesday. AND lived in Soho…total coincidence.

Rolling Stones-Ruby Tuesday

The last bit is a video from the cartoon Metalocalypse entitled Birthday Deathday. It has subs so you can fully understand Nathan Explosion. If you can remember the song, try singing this instead of the typical birthday song:


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  1. That show is so stupid!!!! Love,

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