Cute Nothings

So, long time no posties…but that is because nobody’s reading this thing anyway. Work has been…tiresome, but I’ll survive. I went to my first local Dutch party, which I left, because I ran out of things to say…sometimes I surprise myself with how shy I can be. At work, I’m looking at this art piece called Face Shopping by A.P. Komen that isolates all the nervous ticks these women have and I couldn’t help but feel I had somehow become part of that. Besides that, my week came to a tragic end when my bike’s brake line had been locked to some idiots lock so I couldn’t get my bike the whole weekend…

However, Cherry came to the rescue by sending me this cute and loveable video that made all the badness go away:

Hopefully it wil make your crappy week better…if only for a bit!

Wax Stag-Short Road 


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