Cute Nothings

So, long time no posties…but that is because nobody’s reading this thing anyway. Work has been…tiresome, but I’ll survive. I went to my first local Dutch party, which I left, because I ran out of things to say…sometimes I surprise myself with how shy I can be. At work, I’m looking at this art piece called Face Shopping by A.P. Komen that isolates all the nervous ticks these women have and I couldn’t help but feel I had somehow become part of that. Besides that, my week came to a tragic end when my bike’s brake line had been locked to some idiots lock so I couldn’t get my bike the whole weekend…

However, Cherry came to the rescue by sending me this cute and loveable video that made all the badness go away:

Hopefully it wil make your crappy week better…if only for a bit!

Wax Stag-Short Road 


Viva La Sickness…

So I´m blogging in Mexico…so no music today because i can´t navigate this interweb cafe´s deal. But I do have some fantabulous videos. First off is a video sent to me by my friend Ellie and it mirrors exactly what I wanted to make in film school:

The second video is a really weird animation about someone´s dream, but I´m posting it because it seems pretty close to some of my nightmares:

And of course my all time favorite Rev. Alecia:

I have been sick the whole entire time I´ve been in Mexico, and no, not for the reason you think. I actually got this little bug in the good old U.S.A. So thanks America…I love you

Hello Bloggie

So I really hate having to write a first entry…it seems so, boring. Anyway. Today I am getting used to my new bangs, i like them but i really need a straightening iron, but those fuckers cost like $120 bucks…wow. I did however enjoy biking around Santa Barbara today, before I must endure cold weather and I was listening to a few good songs. On my recent trip to Europe I picked up a few records from the label Moxie…and I just have to say I’m hooked. Among them is Can’t Get it Anywhere, which to me seems like such a summer song, but I guess it keeps me toasty in the winter. Everything I’ve listened to off of Moxie sounds fantastic and refreshing. I think I was at my witts end having to listen to the same songs for a month during my travels, so that might explain my love of these new tracks. As well Imagination’s single Just an Illusion has gotten the re-edit treatment from Lindstrom. After watching the video from them I am very aware of this groups cheesey nature, but I’m just so in love with this sound.

Imagination-Just an Illusion(Lindstrom Vocal Remix)

Moxie-Can’t Get It Anywhere