The Leaning City of Mexico…

So finally my lazy ass has gotten the photos of my Mexico City trip so it’s only fitting that this whole post including the songs are south of the Border. If your curious I have finally reached Amsterdam, and I’ll post all the little goodies about where I’m staying and so forth later. Mexico City, a wonder of confusing and interesting sites and sounds. The whole trip I just wondered what that place must have looked like before Cortez got there…must have been amazing. However, the earlier inhabitants did build the city on a marshy piece of land, and although they drained it, the Spanish drained it even more. The results of doing so plus multiple earth quakes are as follows:

Seriously, the Leaning Tower of Piza has nothing on the Churches of Mexico City. Tiz Crazy how unstable the buildings are and still people live in them. That’s another thing the locals call Montezuma’s revenge, the other is horrible crippling sickness from drinking the water. I didn’t get that, just a cold…lucky me.

Here I am infront of the Pyramid of the Sun. I climbed that mofo with my cold at 7,000 ft above sea level. Awesome:

We got around mostly by subway…which was awesome because it was only 2 pesos a ride…which is like 2 cents. I love goverment subsedised stuff. Here I am at a time where it isn’t a sardine can:

There are tons of beautiful parks there with awesome sculptures and I just had to do my own take on one I passed:

One more so this doesn’t become a boring slide show: I had to pay my respect to Diego and Frida.This one is in one of the palaces there. Outside, in Mexico City on a day that was like80 degrees there was ice skating. And the long line around the rink was not for skating, but for watching people skate.  You didn’t have to pay to skate, you had to pay to watch.

The tracks that I am posting I absolutely love.  I don’t know much about the band Babe Ruth except that this was the only track I could find of thiers, but its an awesome ballad and this video shows how crazy intense thier singer is:

Babe Ruth-The Mexican 

And one more Mexican themed track:

Sammy Barbot-Mexico 



Birthday Post: Proving I Am The Ruby!

So it’s my bday…not that I am that excited about it. My ID expires today and it is a weekday, but oh well.  It does give me the chance to post some Ruby themed songs. It is now time for some hammy cake:

The first song is from the Kaiser Chiefs. Apparently they were big last year, but I really only heard about them until this song, which I would like to think is about me, not Charlotte  Church’s daughter:

Kaiser Chiefs-Ruby 

The next song I’d like to think is a shout out to my place of birth…so far I’m the only Ruby Soho…I like to tune out all the other words and just listen to the chorus…there, that’s better.

Rancid-Ruby Soho 

And where would a Ruby post be with out the Rolling Stones. This is most likely what the Kaiser Chiefs ripped off, but they are both nice songs. Oh, and did I mention I was born on a Tuesday. AND lived in Soho…total coincidence.

Rolling Stones-Ruby Tuesday

The last bit is a video from the cartoon Metalocalypse entitled Birthday Deathday. It has subs so you can fully understand Nathan Explosion. If you can remember the song, try singing this instead of the typical birthday song:

Happy New Year…Let the Madness Start…

So…I havn’t been able to post any music because of my little trip to Mexico…but I have some great songs to post exclusivly for the start of 2008.  Later I’ll have a little homage to Mexico, with some mexican inspired songs (not latin music though) and some pics. This NYE wasn’t spectacular in the music department, but when the ball dropped for last year I knew exactly what song I wanted to hear. The video for this includes some exquisite disco fabulousness and Sylvester in his finest attire. The song itself is perfect for that ball drop chaoticness where your trying to grab all your friends at midnight and shout hell yeah! Well, that’s what I do anyway.

As well I wanted to include the latest song I can’t stop playing. It’s funny because when I first heard it I hated it…especially for the vocals, but then that is exactly what grew on me. It’s another Moxie edit from the talented Carl Craig. Pay close attention to the guitar riff and you’ll know why it is in the awesomeness hall of fame.  Happy 2008 peeps…

 Sylvester-You Make Me Feel

carl craig – melodica moxie re-edit

Viva La Sickness…

So I´m blogging in Mexico…so no music today because i can´t navigate this interweb cafe´s deal. But I do have some fantabulous videos. First off is a video sent to me by my friend Ellie and it mirrors exactly what I wanted to make in film school:

The second video is a really weird animation about someone´s dream, but I´m posting it because it seems pretty close to some of my nightmares:

And of course my all time favorite Rev. Alecia:

I have been sick the whole entire time I´ve been in Mexico, and no, not for the reason you think. I actually got this little bug in the good old U.S.A. So thanks America…I love you

The Harmony of Design

So, last night I decided to fully investigate baroque pop, or 60’s lounge pop…whatever it’s called. I had no interest in the stuff until I had accidentally downloaded the song Tomorrow’s World by Leslie Phillips in Santiago. I don’t think this is the Christian Leslie Phillips thank god, but there really isn’t much back info on this track so whatever. The harmonies in this track are beautiful, so I grew more fond of it when I was listening in Europe.  How quaint.  Then I’m searching for deep sea animals(don’t ask) and I come across this video:

Vampire Squid From Hell

The embeded vid is disabled, but the point is the music that’s accompanied by this creature.  Trip hop, yes, but I was reminded by how much I missed that weird spacey feeling when listening to that 60’s orchestra…even though they have nothing to do with each other.  After some more snooping I came across this song called bubbles, which I recognized instantly because they did a remix on this powerpuff CD I bought from target in high school…absolutely my favorite harmonies ever. The free design has become my new obsession.  And a little dabble in some french pop doesn’t hurt:


Tomorrow’s World-Leslie Phillips in Santiago 

Two Lone Swordsmen-The Big Clapper 

 The Free Design-Bubbles

Holy Fuckin’ Milkshake Batman!

Just another day of lazy crocheting, is that a word? Anyway, i’m on the final episode of Dexter and its really getting intense. I thought that the first season set up for a boring second season, but who knew? So I finally got out of the house and decided to go to the drug store and guess what I found… a ceramic straightener for $30, not $120. The only professional thing about those hair places is thier rip-off tactics. So with all this free time on my hands I found this amazing video by Chad VanGaalen for Holy Fuck’s single Milkshake. I failed my animation class because it was so painfull…so i got to hand it to this guy. Anal retentive creativity at its finest.

As well it’s slightly warmer, and I must say beautiful than the rest of the country right now. ( I hate cold weather, so if you like it, too bad) and I was listening to Rhythim is Rhythim’s single Beforethereafter and it goes perfect with the sunsets here. So to warm you up:

Holy Fuck-Milkshake

Rhythim is Rhythim-Beforethereafter

Hello Bloggie

So I really hate having to write a first entry…it seems so, boring. Anyway. Today I am getting used to my new bangs, i like them but i really need a straightening iron, but those fuckers cost like $120 bucks…wow. I did however enjoy biking around Santa Barbara today, before I must endure cold weather and I was listening to a few good songs. On my recent trip to Europe I picked up a few records from the label Moxie…and I just have to say I’m hooked. Among them is Can’t Get it Anywhere, which to me seems like such a summer song, but I guess it keeps me toasty in the winter. Everything I’ve listened to off of Moxie sounds fantastic and refreshing. I think I was at my witts end having to listen to the same songs for a month during my travels, so that might explain my love of these new tracks. As well Imagination’s single Just an Illusion has gotten the re-edit treatment from Lindstrom. After watching the video from them I am very aware of this groups cheesey nature, but I’m just so in love with this sound.

Imagination-Just an Illusion(Lindstrom Vocal Remix)

Moxie-Can’t Get It Anywhere