What’s Wuv Got To Do With It?

Ah, love. So beautiful, so wonderful, so full of magic and so…profitable? Well, not as much in Amsterdam, so I find it cute rather than barbaric. So, because I’m in a good mood now, I will post some cute love oriented goodness. As well, Trusme is playing in Amsterdam on the 16th…so on the slim chance that anyone in Amsterdam is reading this…attend! It’s at the Sugar Factory. Here’s a song he produced, that gives you an idea of what goodness is in store:

Trusme-Good God

First celebration of mushyness goes to this cute animation:

Last saturday I went to some breakbeat/electro whatever mashup thing and I managed finally to get some pics of Garreth and I making silly faces and enjoying chinese take-out box cartoons:

As you can see, we had a good time. What Valentines day wouldn’t be complete without some music to get you in the mood… This is just the thing to spark your flame:

DJ Deeon-Baddest Bitch

And for those of you who are away from your love one use this link to make a cute candy heart card like this one:

Candy Hearts Generator

One last song I can’t resist…a different spin on a classic!

Towa Tei-Private Eyes


The Harmony of Design

So, last night I decided to fully investigate baroque pop, or 60’s lounge pop…whatever it’s called. I had no interest in the stuff until I had accidentally downloaded the song Tomorrow’s World by Leslie Phillips in Santiago. I don’t think this is the Christian Leslie Phillips thank god, but there really isn’t much back info on this track so whatever. The harmonies in this track are beautiful, so I grew more fond of it when I was listening in Europe.  How quaint.  Then I’m searching for deep sea animals(don’t ask) and I come across this video:

Vampire Squid From Hell

The embeded vid is disabled, but the point is the music that’s accompanied by this creature.  Trip hop, yes, but I was reminded by how much I missed that weird spacey feeling when listening to that 60’s orchestra…even though they have nothing to do with each other.  After some more snooping I came across this song called bubbles, which I recognized instantly because they did a remix on this powerpuff CD I bought from target in high school…absolutely my favorite harmonies ever. The free design has become my new obsession.  And a little dabble in some french pop doesn’t hurt:


Tomorrow’s World-Leslie Phillips in Santiago 

Two Lone Swordsmen-The Big Clapper 

 The Free Design-Bubbles