Chills Up And Down My Spine

So, I lost my post because my connection cut out…urgh!(3 times)

Here’s what I’ve done for the past week. I saw Data Rock…very cool. Because it was Valentine’s day they sang “Time of Our Lives” from Dirty Dancing…indeed:

Then I went to Leiden, a town near Amsterdam. It turned mostly protestant at one time… making it a very beautiful and interesting town. I went to the conservatory there first:

look an actual windmill!

Then I went to see Trus’me and it made me super happy…see…you can see my happy face:

The only thing that sucked about that night was I came down with a cold…so I was wondering if it was this song or the cold that made me have chills up and down my spine:

Young and Company-I Like (What You’re Doing To Me)

Being sick all day allowed me to find this weird gem. They were popular in 1992, and you can instantly tell in the video…red hair and a silver jacket.

Lush-Nothing Natural


The Harmony of Design

So, last night I decided to fully investigate baroque pop, or 60’s lounge pop…whatever it’s called. I had no interest in the stuff until I had accidentally downloaded the song Tomorrow’s World by Leslie Phillips in Santiago. I don’t think this is the Christian Leslie Phillips thank god, but there really isn’t much back info on this track so whatever. The harmonies in this track are beautiful, so I grew more fond of it when I was listening in Europe.  How quaint.  Then I’m searching for deep sea animals(don’t ask) and I come across this video:

Vampire Squid From Hell

The embeded vid is disabled, but the point is the music that’s accompanied by this creature.  Trip hop, yes, but I was reminded by how much I missed that weird spacey feeling when listening to that 60’s orchestra…even though they have nothing to do with each other.  After some more snooping I came across this song called bubbles, which I recognized instantly because they did a remix on this powerpuff CD I bought from target in high school…absolutely my favorite harmonies ever. The free design has become my new obsession.  And a little dabble in some french pop doesn’t hurt:


Tomorrow’s World-Leslie Phillips in Santiago 

Two Lone Swordsmen-The Big Clapper 

 The Free Design-Bubbles