Cute Nothings

So, long time no posties…but that is because nobody’s reading this thing anyway. Work has been…tiresome, but I’ll survive. I went to my first local Dutch party, which I left, because I ran out of things to say…sometimes I surprise myself with how shy I can be. At work, I’m looking at this art piece called Face Shopping by A.P. Komen that isolates all the nervous ticks these women have and I couldn’t help but feel I had somehow become part of that. Besides that, my week came to a tragic end when my bike’s brake line had been locked to some idiots lock so I couldn’t get my bike the whole weekend…

However, Cherry came to the rescue by sending me this cute and loveable video that made all the badness go away:

Hopefully it wil make your crappy week better…if only for a bit!

Wax Stag-Short Road 


Welcome To My Neighborhood…

So this is the first posting of my new abode for the next 3 months. I get off of work at 5 and it’s already dark by then, so on the weekends I’ll try to take some better pics. Here are my new next door neighbors, right outside of my bedroom window:

Awesome…prosties outside my window every day…good morning.  I also have a pic of my little room…the door is glass.  No privacy inside as well as out…I have big glass windows everywhere. Thank you curtains.

And although I don’t have pics of the rest of this lovely 3 story building I do have the living room:

I don’t know if you can tell by these photos but the weather was very crappy today and I had to bike in it. At work I reviewed a bunch of videos for content descriptions and so I didn’t move all day.  I was super cold in that building so I wore my coat all day.  Here is a little sample of some of the crazy videos I was looking at:

Don’t ask what it means. I was in a meeting today and it was all in dutch, so I was trying to look like I knew what I was hearing, but tuning out at the same time. Then they all turned to me and asked if I had anything to add. I just laughed…wtf was I suposed to say?

In honor of such a craptaculously rainy day here are songs that make you want to crawl under the covers and not move…like I am doing after an exhausting day of crazy video viewing.

Peter Visti-Bad Weather 


The Leaning City of Mexico…

So finally my lazy ass has gotten the photos of my Mexico City trip so it’s only fitting that this whole post including the songs are south of the Border. If your curious I have finally reached Amsterdam, and I’ll post all the little goodies about where I’m staying and so forth later. Mexico City, a wonder of confusing and interesting sites and sounds. The whole trip I just wondered what that place must have looked like before Cortez got there…must have been amazing. However, the earlier inhabitants did build the city on a marshy piece of land, and although they drained it, the Spanish drained it even more. The results of doing so plus multiple earth quakes are as follows:

Seriously, the Leaning Tower of Piza has nothing on the Churches of Mexico City. Tiz Crazy how unstable the buildings are and still people live in them. That’s another thing the locals call Montezuma’s revenge, the other is horrible crippling sickness from drinking the water. I didn’t get that, just a cold…lucky me.

Here I am infront of the Pyramid of the Sun. I climbed that mofo with my cold at 7,000 ft above sea level. Awesome:

We got around mostly by subway…which was awesome because it was only 2 pesos a ride…which is like 2 cents. I love goverment subsedised stuff. Here I am at a time where it isn’t a sardine can:

There are tons of beautiful parks there with awesome sculptures and I just had to do my own take on one I passed:

One more so this doesn’t become a boring slide show: I had to pay my respect to Diego and Frida.This one is in one of the palaces there. Outside, in Mexico City on a day that was like80 degrees there was ice skating. And the long line around the rink was not for skating, but for watching people skate.  You didn’t have to pay to skate, you had to pay to watch.

The tracks that I am posting I absolutely love.  I don’t know much about the band Babe Ruth except that this was the only track I could find of thiers, but its an awesome ballad and this video shows how crazy intense thier singer is:

Babe Ruth-The Mexican 

And one more Mexican themed track:

Sammy Barbot-Mexico 


Birthday Post: Proving I Am The Ruby!

So it’s my bday…not that I am that excited about it. My ID expires today and it is a weekday, but oh well.  It does give me the chance to post some Ruby themed songs. It is now time for some hammy cake:

The first song is from the Kaiser Chiefs. Apparently they were big last year, but I really only heard about them until this song, which I would like to think is about me, not Charlotte  Church’s daughter:

Kaiser Chiefs-Ruby 

The next song I’d like to think is a shout out to my place of birth…so far I’m the only Ruby Soho…I like to tune out all the other words and just listen to the chorus…there, that’s better.

Rancid-Ruby Soho 

And where would a Ruby post be with out the Rolling Stones. This is most likely what the Kaiser Chiefs ripped off, but they are both nice songs. Oh, and did I mention I was born on a Tuesday. AND lived in Soho…total coincidence.

Rolling Stones-Ruby Tuesday

The last bit is a video from the cartoon Metalocalypse entitled Birthday Deathday. It has subs so you can fully understand Nathan Explosion. If you can remember the song, try singing this instead of the typical birthday song:

Happy New Year…Let the Madness Start…

So…I havn’t been able to post any music because of my little trip to Mexico…but I have some great songs to post exclusivly for the start of 2008.  Later I’ll have a little homage to Mexico, with some mexican inspired songs (not latin music though) and some pics. This NYE wasn’t spectacular in the music department, but when the ball dropped for last year I knew exactly what song I wanted to hear. The video for this includes some exquisite disco fabulousness and Sylvester in his finest attire. The song itself is perfect for that ball drop chaoticness where your trying to grab all your friends at midnight and shout hell yeah! Well, that’s what I do anyway.

As well I wanted to include the latest song I can’t stop playing. It’s funny because when I first heard it I hated it…especially for the vocals, but then that is exactly what grew on me. It’s another Moxie edit from the talented Carl Craig. Pay close attention to the guitar riff and you’ll know why it is in the awesomeness hall of fame.  Happy 2008 peeps…

 Sylvester-You Make Me Feel

carl craig – melodica moxie re-edit